By far love is the best feeling anyone can experience. It also improve an individual’s self confidence, people who have a high frequency of love experiences tend to have high self-confidence and low defensiveness.

But love can be a way more complicated than you think. Weather someone likes you or love you, it’s difficult to trace nah.

But once you got into it, the feeling is something else. You just have to find that right person, & with that i am here to solve your confusion weather someone is trying to love you or not?

If someone really desires you in their dreams than this are the few signs they will throw at you which i have listed below.



#1. Gives you more attention than others



Do you give attention to someone you don’t like? of course not! So, if anyone is constantly paying their attention to you this is a clear sign they like you. Even on your weirdest joke, they laughed!

If you’re with a group of people, their attention is towards you even when you don’t notice. It’s a good sign that the person is trying to connect with you & love you.

Here’s the trick to find out if a person is paying his/her attention to you or not. When you’re with that person behave as if you don’t notice them, suddenly look at them with some time gap for 4-5 times.

If they seemed to be looking at you for more than 2 times this means they’re attracted to you.



#2. Keeps you informed of their life & are eager to know about yours



They don’t miss out on any opportunity to talk to you. They’re pretty eager to tell you everything happened to them, even those small non-sense things.

They might also keep asking about yourself, but in a indirect manner i.e, hey, last day you don’t been to college where were you. Don’t miss out noticing this small things.



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#3. Remembers your every important day



Do you get your first birthday wish from that person, guess what they might be trying to express their love towards you.

They gives you surprises, know what you like & don’t miss out on giving you that happiness you deserve. They remember almost your every special day you told them.

Really, they make your life beautiful…



#4. Wants to spend as much time as they can



No matter what the circumstances are, they indeed find out the time to meet you, they just love to be around you.

It gives them immense pleasure & joy. From meeting you to ask something not important to helping you out on something, they spend most of there time with you.

It’s a crystal clear sign he/she is trying to love you.



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#5. Are ready to sacrifice for you



They’re not afraid to help you out with something that can cause trouble to them. Their first priority is to see you happy. No matter what it takes to bring that smile on your face, they’re ready to give it off. It’s their way of expressing their love for you.

Well, this point is rare, occurs only in some love stories. If this don’t happens to you, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. So, don’t  give much importance to this point.



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#6. Has big dreams for future with you



Surely, if a girl only kind of likes you won’t be talking about her future with you. She might just be attracted to you but if she loves you she will definitely have some plans with you to follow in future.

If they tell you directly about their plans, it’s great, if not you have to find it out!

With that said, we have completed this test to find out if someone is trying to love you or not. Seriously, if someone you know goes through least 3-4 points listed above, you’re definitely one of those lucky persons. One lover of such kind is hard to find, so don’t let them go.

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If you want someone to fall in love with you, try this out!!

Wish you a happy love life!



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