Everyone has dreams to fulfill & a to-do list to complete, i am pretty sure you too probably have it. If you’re in your starting 20’s you’re the most happiness version of yourself.

Ya it’s true, research has showed it’s between 20-30’s when a person is at his/her peak of happiness & joy.

You are young & so it’s crucial to have some experiences before your turn 30 or i can say wiser age. Here are 6 things you must do before you turn 30:




#1. Learn an art

Be it playing a musical instrument, making paintings or singing, an art is what defines your personality. No doubt you’re busy making money, but don’t forget to give yourself that ‘me-time’ in which you do your favorite things.

It helps in two ways, firstly revitalizing your mind by providing it that good feeling that you’re doing something joyful.

And secondly, it helps in social causes, having a unique art creates a unique image in a group which increases your value among peoples.


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#2. Feel love

Okay, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll probably find yourself a life partner in your 20’s. But please make sure it’s a love marriage not a arranged one.

Just think of it, do you really want to spend your whole life with a person who you don’t know much?

There must be enough deep love between partners so that there can bear each other for life. You may have heard, love is the best feeling in the world & surely it is! We all have crushes, if you have one don’t be shy just say it, rest leave on them.

There’s no good in keeping it a secret & no harm in asking! So, don’t miss out on experiencing it once in your 20’s.


#3. Get healthy

Do you get yourself a workout every morning, if yes my friend let me tell you, you’re adding an extra 8-10 years to your life. Yes, it is proved that a mild workout & eating the right diet can increase your lifespan up-to 10 years.

No, you don’t have to follow those celebs hard routine. Just a mild workout at the morning & avoiding oily unhealthy stuffs is all you need!

Being healthy always feels awesome, no matter how old you are, your body is your biggest asset. So, don’t be cheap in maintaining it.

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#4. Get your dream profession

Whether a job or business, it should be something that can never bore you. I meet people who are not happy with their financial life, i think you too have been through some of them. But the question is why they are not happy.

It’s simple because they choose money instead of happiness. They choose the kind of work they don’t like to do, just because of some more pennies they get into such a work they don’t like doing.

Tell me how long can you do a work you don’t like. So, the end result to this people is they always remains unhappy & unsatisfied with their life.

A profession should not be what gives you money, but should be what gives you happiness. Any work, if you do it happily trust me money will not be an issue.

So, start to think what inspires you the most or what you can do without get bored.


#5. Make a trip to your favorite place

Forget the thought that after retirement you’ll travel the world, the real fun of travelling is in your 20’s. Moreover, retirement is a way far thing you can’t even see the tomorrow. Who know whether you’ll be alive till that date or not?

The only day you can anything is today! As it is said, ‘tomorrow never comes’. So, if you have some plan to go to a place you always want to, don’t leave it on tomorrow.

Between 20-30’s is the best year you can go on tour because this is the time you’re independent, have most of your friends & filled with that thrill essential for travelling.


#6. Forgive someone

Always remember one thing, the more friend you make the more strong your future support will be. And just opposite to that the more haters you’ll have, the more weaker your future support will be.

Have you ever wander why personalities like Abraham Lincoln & Mother Teresa are still remembered?

Because of their humble nature to forgive everyone. Look it’s simple, if you don’t forgive a person he/she will hate you but if you forgive them for their sins they’ll be your well wisher & will never ditch you again.

So, it’s always better to forgive someone for their sins without any questions because you’re intelligent, not they!

You can make money after 30’s but once this time is gone, you can do nothing more than just regretting. Now, i’m not saying don’t work at all, do work but don’t forget to find that quality time for yourself. Don’t let go your 20’s boring. Enjoy every single moment live for yourself, do what you feel good.

Lastly, i want to remind you,

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