Heck, you got that awesome smelling scent last night for your date to come or just for a casual day!

The seller told it smells fantastic all day long, you apply it & get delighted by the fragrance but wait where the hell all aroma gone as soon as you step out of your door!

It can be disgracing especially if you’re going to meet someone special, you can’t afford to leave a bad sweaty smell on them, it can completely ruin your first impression.

But don’t you worry my friend, here i got 5 simple steps you can follow to make your scent last all day long.






#1. Choose one with strong base notes



If you don’t know what notes are let me explain! Every perfume gets its unique fragrance by a mixture of 3 type of notes- top, middle & base.

Each note has a bundle of different elements which give a specific note fragrance. All the 3 note’s fragrance mix with each other producing that mind-boggling scent.

The lasting impression of a scent’s fragrance totally depends on base note. So, having a strong base note can help you last long with fragrance.

Plus, the top & middle notes get evaporated on the go but base note is not so that’s a other reason why you should choose a perfume with strong base note to smell great all day long!






#2. Apply soon after shower



You may know as soon as we get sweaty, the perfumes loses its strength. This is because our sweat neutralize the scent & provides us that sweaty sweet smell which is bad by the way!

So, it makes no sense going for perfume soon after you workout or when you’re sweaty. It will destroy your perfume’s fragrance & will dominate it.

Instead go for your scent when you’re least sweaty & the time is after you just had a bath!

Applying scent soon after a shower can really help your skin soak the fragrance & also can help it work great all day long.

One quick tip- Go for a hot shower, it will dilate your skin pore & when you apply perfume on your skin it will absorb pretty well!




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#3. Take full use of hairbrush


Hair are the top most area of our body & brushing it with a perfumed brush can give a finishing touch to how we smell.

Since hair are the least sweaty area of our body (Note i said hair not the scalp). So applying your scent on them can help spread the smell more effectively.

Also, the person talking to you will always be near your head so they will get a clear note of your fragrance!

That’s why just after shower, as your applied scent on your underarms & body, put a few sprays on your hairbrush too & comb your hair to get your smell to perfection.



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#4. Spray from a bit far




Look, when it’s sprayed direct up close, it smells pretty strong. But if you spray it from a distance you can pick up various notes more better & easily. It smells different across your body.

So the question is what should be the right distance to apply any scent?

As per research, 5-7 inches is the most appropriate distance.

The other problem people face while dealing with perfume is ‘Do they applied a ton of it!’

Here’s how to know, if you apply the perfume & the area get wet in a complete circle or patches, it means you’re too close. The distance should be such that just its droplet touches your skin.








#5. Protect your perfume



Avoid keeping it in your bathroom or anywhere where humidity is dominant as it leads to degradation of its smell particles decreasing it’s fragrance strength!

Same lies with heat or moisture, they too has a negative effect on the scent’s fragrance.

The best place to keep your dear perfume is in your living room or bedroom where the temperature is optimum! It don’t cause any harm to it.



This are not just any random tips but are those which I personally use to play my scent!

And this tricks works great for me. I thought it will be helpful to share this, hope it helped…


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