Mentally strong people have their specific values which they praise & that the reason they achieve financial freedom. Not because they are disciplined but because they are in control of their finances.

Its the ability of regulating thoughts, managing emotions, and behaving productively that separates a mentally strong person from others.

Understanding ones own finances is pretty important. You will have to own the secret formula of finance if you want to achieve financial freedom.

Below are the only 5 rules mentally strong people gets in their head to bag financial freedom





#1. Never indulge in past



No matter how many time you spend revisiting the past, you simply can’t change that wrong decision that led to your loss.

You can just take it as a lesson, realizing that you are now more prone to deal such situations again.

So, keeping this in mind, don’t waste your precious time thinking about a bad past. Don’t allow your present to become a repetition of your past by focusing on what has been bad, rather focus on the opportunity that’s coming forward!

That’s how a mentally strong person thinks & deal with past. They know, they can influence what’s happening to them right now, but can’t change what has happened already.






#2. Never feel sorry for themselves




Mentally strong people believes feeling sorry for oneself does only one thing, it naturally makes you more miserable and depressed.

That’s why they appreciate all their capabilities & decision. This naturally makes them feel better, happier, and less depressed.
To make it a bit easier so that you never pity yourself again,
before taking any crucial decision, ask yourself, are you happy with the decision you’re going to take?

If the answer is yes, then you’re good to go because if you’re happy with your decision, you’ll never feel sorry for it!



Harvard On How To Live A Happy Life!



#3. They aren’t lazy





Fear and laziness are actually related, one is an emotion and other is a behavior, and its our emotions that do control our behaviors.

We will have a discussion over fear later in the article, for now let’s deal with laziness!

One big truth is that, we will always find time to do the things we really want to do  but never for a thing we don’t. The biggest reason people feel lazy doing a work that’s really important for them is- it don’t give immediate results.

Suppose, if you want to built a big business model, it is  reached progressively, not all at once! But being human it’s our nature, we attract towards things that can give immediate results.

Now you can get the idea why people are so addicted to gambling!

Mentally strong people knows, it can take some extra efforts to reach their ultimate goal but once they does, they don’t have to worry about money ever after!


Quit these 4 things immediately to be sure successful!




#4. They are consistent




“A jug of water fills drop by drop” have you heard this statement before or anything like this?

It’s such a basic but immensely important fact. Ask any of the big leader who are currently leading the wealth board, they’ll tell you the importance of consistency.

No-one has ever got success at the first attempt, failures comes but the one who are not afraid of it gets their name on the success list with their consistency.

Even if you have less knowledge of a work you wanna do mastery in, being consistent can take you way far then anyone with a way greater knowledge than you but has no consistency.






#5. They are not afraid of risks




Sure, you can earn a living by doing safe full-time jobs or business but if you wannabe a financially independent person, you’ll have to praise risks.

The philosophy of risking, failing and learning the way to success is one of the most powerful concepts to embrace.

Once you become fearless( note here we are talking of fear which we skipped previously) you can achieve anything you can admire, ya anything!

Take it this way, if you take a risk sure there’s a chance to fail but there also a chance to grow but if you don’t, you have no chance of growth!






Know These 7 Essential Tips Now To Be Financially Independent!


“Some Think About Financial Freedom But The One Who Bags It Are Those Who Are Doing Something About It”


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