Your face tells a lot about your health! Having a baggy dark circle under your eyes can instantly put your confidence on the ground!

I have been through them & know how disgracing them feel in public, but the good news for you is your can get rid of it within weeks by just following 5 simple steps.

The steps are listed below according to the order, just follow them for a few weeks & see the magic! It worked for me & I think will be useful for you too.






#1. Potato juice cleanse




Potatoes got vitamin C & A which aids in nourishing your skin preventing those dark circles. It also reduces puffiness and swelling under our eyes as it has anti-inflammatory properties also.

So, applying it around your eyes will get rid of all puffiness & will deal with the darkness by the help of its bleaching properties.

Grab a potato, take a part of it & shred it! Next get all the shredded potato & press it against your palm, the juice is what you need.

Apply this juice around the area you wanna get treated. Leave it for about 20 min & rinse it off!

You have to do this regularly, timing depends on you, find a time that fits you well.





#2. Cold spoon therapy




Once you done potato cleanse, now it’s time to make them cool!

Just throw 2 spoons in your freezer & after an hour apply it on your eyes. Close your eyes & relax, feel the coolness. You can also go for cucumbers, tea bags or anything that provides coolness to your eyes.

And what’s the benefit? Well, our eyes gets a not so good blood flow through it & that’s the reason why dark circle is such a common problem to have.

A cooling sensation promotes adequate blood flow so when you keep a cool spoon over your dark bloodless under-eye, it gets stimulated & blood flows through it providing essential nutrients for it to recover!

You can do the 1st & 2nd step one after other for effective results!






#3. Massaging



Now begins the night therapy, the next 3 should be done prior to sleep!

Just before you’re going for your bed, with your thumb perform a gentle massage on the area around your eyes & also eyelids. Do it for about 2-3 min.

Night is the time when your body goes repair & giving a gently massage to your eyes prior to sleep signals your body to repair it, also it improves blood circulation over it.

And as you know with a good blood circulation your eyes can spread charm!

If you can afford the massager below can help speed up the process…






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#4. Magical Aloe Vera gel



It’s a great source of Vitamin E which can work wonders for your skin overnights!

I am not just talking about your dark circles but anything you can imagine to be treated on your face. From pimples to wrinkles, it covers all.

Just after a use you will feels the difference in your skin, it feels so soft due to its nourishing properties. It heals your skin to give you a flawless skin around eyes.

You can use a processed Aloe Vera gel if you are afraid of its smell & also can go for natural, by the way that’s more effective!




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#5. Adequate sleep



You may have noticed, just a single inadequate sleep leaves you with dark circles, that’s how important it is!

As I said earlier, sleeping period is the repair period of your body & when you don’t provide it to your body, the repair stops & you get some bad punishments for it in the form of dullness, dark spots & dark circles.

A 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep is all you need to do well. Do anything it takes to achieve that sleep, a good mattress & silent environment is the key!







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Follow these 5 steps for just 2 Weeks without thinking about the consequences, trust me when you will look yourself in the mirror on the 14th day you will be amazed by the improvement this does for your dark circles.

It was a practical experiment that worked for me, that’s why I thought to share this with you, hope this helped!





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Thanks for reading…


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