Guys, lets face it: you care about how you look. If we want to make a good impression, your skincare routine is the first place to start! No one looks at your cloths at first sight they star at your face.

And while some men’s skincare regimens consist of a cheap razor, a bar of soap and some Old Spice, the average man’s skin needs a bit more attention. From shaving and acne, to moisturizing and sunscreen.




#1. Don’t shave against the grain



The number one mistake guys make when shaving is going against the grain. Most men shave against the direction of hair growth, because they get a closer shave. But  they forget, the blade often nicks the buried surface of the hair follicle and creates inflammation. 

The solution? Shave in the direction that feels smooth! “Just do one shaving stroke on each section of the face. This way you’re not shaving over and over in one area.”

#2. Pick the right razor for you


Four blades. Five blades. Battery powered blades! Every year companies seem to release new multi-blade razors, but for those with sensitive skin,acne-prone skin or ingrown hairs, sometimes less is more.

Ingrown hairs happen most often in people with curly hair, coarse hair, or hair that grows in different directions. If you cut it short, as it grows out, it tends to plunge into the adjacent skin, almost like a little splinter, and it creates little red bumps.

The multi-blade razors allow you to shave nicely in one pass, so for people who are irritated by multiple shaves, that would help. But for people who have ingrown hairs, it’s best to use a two blade razor, since it doesn’t cut as close.


#3. Avoid aftershave and scented products


While more and more luxury men’s lines are appearing on cosmetic shelves, many contain dyes and scents that can aggravate men’s skin. Fragrances are the big thing, the term unscented alone, or fragrance-free, doesn’t mean it’s free of fragrance, ironically, because they can use what are called masking fragrances.

What you should look for is the term sensitive skin?

One of the biggest skincare offenders is aftershave, aftershaves are more for the fragrance, they tend to sting, and they’re not good for people with sensitive skin at all. You’re better to apply a light, oil-free moisturizer while the skin is still damp.



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#4. Avoid too much moisturizer



Many people ask, ‘What moisturizer should I use?

If your skin is dry, i suggests you chose your moisturizer carefully and apply it only while your skin is still wet.

A moisturizer should be applied when the skin is damp, usually after washing your face or after you’ve had a shower (a couple of times a day should be fine). It should be an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizing lotion, preferably.

#5. Be smart about sun exposure



One thing men often overlook is sunscreen! If you’re outdoors a lot (even in the winter) you’re exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and it adds up, it’s a cumulative dose effect.

It also penetrates through windshield glass if you’re driving a lot. During the dry winter months its recommended for men to use a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. There are many good non-comedogenic lotions that contain sunscreen, and i recommend no less than SPF 30.



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