Eyes are the first thing people notice on your face. It also gives a judging point to others whether you take care of yourself or not!

Let me explain, if you meet a person with wrinkled yellow eyes, what would you think of him. Unhygienic nah, that lies the same with you too.

But an yellow eye problem is an easy thing to treat, you just have to drink enough water & sleep well. The main thing is eyelashes, they are surely a attention grabber! It just add that extra beauty to your face no matter whether you’re a man or woman.

And if you’re dealing with those thin lashes, don’t worry because it’s not that hard to get them thicker & soft.






#1. Give them a Massage



Before you go to bed & after you wake up, just do a 2 min. simple massage!


Here is how it goes:


  • Rub both your palms with each other & when you feel it’s heat generated, put it on your eyes with a little pressure for a few seconds. Do it 4-5 times.
  • With your thumb push gently & massage the upper & lower cavity of your eyes. (For about a min.)
  • Close your eyes & rub your lids in a circular motion for 10 times both clockwise & anticlockwise.


Doing this on a regular basis will maintain a great blood circulation over your eyes. And with that your eyelashes will be boomed by nutrients to grow thick.

Also this will not only help your grow more eyelashes but also will deal yellow eyes.

And if you have dark circles this is a must have massage for you. You will see that within a few weeks of doing it, your dark circle starts to disappear.



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#2. Green tea bath



What, you thought they are just beneficial to health? soak a cotton ball in the liquid and apply to your eyelashes, it will make them Stronger & Healthier!
Green tea has flavonoids and antioxidants that helps fight inflammation and repair cells, thus helps in slow aging.

So, give your lashes a green tea bath, apply the green tea dipped cotton on your lashes, leave it for a few minutes & rinse them off with water.

This process will be more beneficial for you if you have a lashes falling issue as this will make your lashes root strong & thus prevent them from falling!

Do this once everyday until you get your desired length of eyelashes!





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#3. Coconut & castor oil treat



Vitamin E is the one which nourishes hair follicles & promote hair growth & castor oil has a lot of it!

Castor oil is a thick vegetable oil got from the seeds of the castor oil plant. It can be used to reduce thinning edges and prevent hair fall & even in re-growing bald patches. Some also says that their friends noticed a drastic change in thickness of their eyelashes by just using castor oil 2-3 times!

And how can we forget coconut oil which from ancient time is used to boost hair growth and prevent hair loss due to its rich nutrient content.

It creates a protective lipid barrier which prevents germs and impurities from damaging hair.

Both these oil combinely will boost your lashes growth & will protect them from falling.

So don’t forget to give your eyelashes this treat every night.







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#4. Brush them out



Brushing stimulates growth & gives you thicker, softer eyelashes. It also removes dirt particles from them giving you clean eyelashes.

Brushing your lashes in upward strokes will stimulate the cell below the hair root which will help them grow out faster.

There are some studies that says brushing to get thicker eyelashes is just a myth but then there are some real stories that it works!

So the question here is, ‘Do it worth doing it’?

Look, in my opinion, it’s just a few seconds stuff to do, also there’s no harm doing it. So, ya you should definitely give it a try. Who knows maybe this work out for you!





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#5. Egg experiment



Applying the above 4 process can give you thicker eyelashes for sure. But if you wanna give process a boost then this is an extra thing you can do!

Egg as you may know is a protein bomb, it has every single kind of protein required for your body. And so it has keratin which is the protein required for hair growth.

Apply just a little amount of egg white on the eyelashes and leave it for 10 minutes & wash afterwards. Your lashes will turn black and thick in due course of time.



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Lastly, I wanna suggest you to avoid artificial lashes, sure they will work instantly but natural is natural! So, be patient. You may not see the results in a few days so don’t get demotivated. It’s the time your lashes are set to sprout out.

Just do your steps regularly & you surely will get the chance to touch your dream lashes!!


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