Ever wonder why some girls never stay single for long? No, it’s not just luck or good timing. If you think they are the ultimate flirts and that ton of guys are attracted to them and they only have to pick which ones they want to date, time to think again.


Not all flirts are attractive and not all men want big flirts… plus not only flirts attract men. Believe it or not, there are many types of women that attract men effortlessly — sometimes even unconsciously.

Want to up your place in the dating game? Chances are, you are one of these types of girls, so you can definitely embrace who you are.

Simplicity and confidence go a long a way in life and love, so those are good qualities to start with. Here are 5 types of girl that men just can’t resist. So there’s only one more question left: which one are you?






#5. The No Makeup Girl

Sorry domestic companies, it is being predicted that you all will soon go bankrupt because more and more men want their partners to wear no makeup (or at least not very much at all).

Shocked by this? Okay, take a minute or two to digest this new piece of information. Lots of women think that the more makeup they wear, the more attractive they are, but men today have clearly shifted gears on this topic.

Many of them now want women who choose to show their real beauty. No makeup, no fake lashes, no nothing. Just their bare skin and bare face and oh-so-beautiful smile.







#4. The Athlete Or Gamer

And by that, we mean go and actually play a sport or two. If you’re not super into sports, well, this is your chance to try something new and change your fate.

Go hold a bat or play volleyball or basketball or even golf. Or you can start with children’s games like chess, domino, Jenga… whatever you can think of. Or you can also go and play some video games.

You don’t have to break a sweat unless you want to — the idea here is to engage in activities that are both masculine and feminine.

The guy you’re into has already met tons of super girly and feminine women, so why not be a little bit different and be sporty? You already know how many guys love video games, so that’s a good road to go down as well.







#3. The Mysterious Woman

Why not be super mysterious and attract men that way? Believe it or not, intriguing women are becoming more and more attractive to men. You will not believe how many guys glance your way if you are like this.

It is not always easy to put on a mask and be mysterious but it is always worth it. And if you look around, you have probably met many mysterious people in your life.

You probably know at least one person who costs you more time in understanding their attitude.We are referring to women who can effortlessly convey a message just through smiling or saying only a handful of words.

Yes, those women have the word “mystery” all over them. And if you know at least one person you find mysterious, start learning from her. You will get the guy in no time.






#2. The Chill Girl

Nobody wants a control freak. If you know you are one, then you need to start practicing how to be the total and complete opposite of that — aka the chill girl. Men can be very picky but this is an obvious one. Who would want to pick a control freak?

Of course, everybody would want to stay clear from her. Have you ever been with a control freak before? If not, then you can’t understand how truly awful it can be.

You don’t understand how stressful it can be to be in a relationship with someone who loves taking control of everything.Learn the give and take and you will totally find yourself in a peaceful relationship in no time.







#1. The Smart Lady

Some people think those who always have a thought and opinion are smart women, and others think they’re bragging.

This type of women is often thought of as a total know-it-all and not surprisingly, most guys don’t want to be with someone like that because then they think she’s conceited.

But if you’re a smart woman, then you know when to talk and when to shut up. You don’t have to prove how smart you are, you know that you are and so you’re comfortable in your own skin all the time.

Your intelligence comes out naturally through who you are. If you’re that type of woman, then that means that you are truly hard to resist to most men, whether you realize this or not. Remember, being smart is cool, being a know-it-all is not.




Which type you like the most?


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