Have you seen those ‘leave your shoes here’ Matt outside people front door?

Well, an average shoe contains 421,000 units of bacteria on the outside, and 2,887 on the side & with that I don’t think anyone will let you in their houses.

If you’re among those who are so busy in their works that they don’t have time even to take their shoes off at the door, you gotta read this article!

Once you know the several reasons why you must never wear shoes at home, you will be surprised and convinced to avoid this bad habit in future.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Wear Shoes At Home






#1. It can carry harmful germs along with it



As mentioned earlier, your shoes can bring in a ton of harmful bacteria so there’s no bargain that it can leave some dangerous effect on your health too!

No matter how careful you walk on street, there will always be chances when you step in areas that don’t seem to be teeming with germs but yuck they are.

This leaves your shoe with harmful germs along with nasty E coli. I don’t think I have to tell you how many diseases E coli Can cause!

Diarrhea, intestinal problems, or even meningitis, it covers all & the worst part is this is just one type of bacteria being carried in on the soles of your shoes, there are also 421,000 other different types of bacteria hanging out.







#2. Can track in dirt everywhere



If you’re a person who cares about cleanliness, taking shoes off at door will help you to clean the house less often.

The main carrier of dirt in house is our footwear &, if you avoid having it inside your home, you’ll surely be able to get a cleaner house.

Also you get a upper hand in toddler’s safety. If you have toddlers, they can safely play on the floor and you don’t have to worry about them.






#3. Trouble for feet



Wearing your shoes for too long isn’t great for your feet. Nail and fungal problems are extremely common, are a particular nuisance and can be painful.

Many researchers say, you should go barefoot as much as you can! It is the ideal way to maintain healthy feet.
Another awesome advantage is if you go barefoot, you will be stimulating your foot pressure points. It’s beneficial for health & that’s why the Chinese have been doing this for 5,000 years!

Also, you’ll definitely feel more comfortable in slippers or barefoot than you’ll be in your shoes.







#4. Causes damage to flooring




The more dust you bring in, the more you’ll have to clean the floor. And this extra scrubbing can actually damage your floors over time.

If you’re in a habit of wearing abrasive shoes then the situation can be even bad, it can cause floors to be scratched and scraped.

Whereas, wearing a soft slipper or going barefoot in house can make your flooring last pretty long without losing its beauty!

#5. Leads to bad smell



The offending odor is from bacteria that grows on your foot and live in your kicks until you do something about it.

Unlike face or any other body part, our feet are covered in shoes all day. When that happens, feet are not ventilated and the contained sweat and warmth become a breeding ground for bacteria which by the way is very smelly bacteria.

That’s the reason why people are so fast in guessing your shoe’s bad smell!

So if you don’t want this smell to follow in your house, keep your dear shoes at the doors only.

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