You have been with your love for a while, you’re serious about this relationship & now you’re thinking to go further for some future decisions, but before that isn’t it necessary to test whether your partner really loves you or not?

It’s the biggest decision of your life, so you should be double sure.

So, if you aren’t sure whether he really loves you or not, here’s a trick to find out!

Below are 5 tests using which you can have a idea of your partner’s affection towards you…





#1. Eye Test



Eyes can convey a lot more than you think, about a person’s feelings. You can directly peep into a person’s brain through their eyes!

Coming to the test, you will have to notice his eyes while you have conversation with him.

If he’s into you, his gaze will always be oriented towards you. If he’s got you locked in his sights while you talk, it will be a great sign!

Also, if he suppresses the compulsion to check his phone while talking, that’s love!





#2. Touch Test



Ready to deal with science behind touching?

Attraction to opposite sex is natural & the most pleasurable things to experience!

These small touchings are the key that strengthens any relationship. Touch can be of 2 types, lusty touching or love touching.

If he go for innocent touches like on the arm, shoulder or hairs, it’s a love one. If he give the wrong impression by touching you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable can be a lusty one.

You better know which you have to choose in these two.

But there can be a third type of touching which is a flirty one!

‘Wow! What does your tattoo say? he gently grabs your wrist and rubs his thumb over your tattoo’, This can be a flirty one which by the way is a great sign that he loves you.





#3. Respect Test



You may have heard, Real love is giving not taking!

This phrase holds true, if you love someone means you respect them. So, if he treats you with respect then he truly loves your personality & who you are.

You can know he’s in love with you if he respects your decision, opinion, and everything about you!

If you don’t like going to a place, he respects your opinion instead of arguing about it.

But there’s a fun side too in which he teases you & makes fun of you, just to make you laugh. But in those serious situations, if he gives priority to your opinion with his, then it’s a clear sign he loves you.






#4. Caring Test



Apart from gifts, he also pays attention to care. He pampers you like anything, don’t miss on occasions to compliment you.

And those too not any common compliments like ‘you’re very beautiful’ but heart touching which he really mean!

He likes doing activities with you like cooking or watching a movie together.
For example, rather than just wanting to meet up at any dinner party, he’d rather go grocery shopping with you beforehand so the two of you can make a dish to bring together.




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#5. Public Test



Test it out, when you’re with him in a crowd of people, where it can be challenging to gauge his interest.

If he’s giving you more attention than anyone else, there’s a good chance he does love you.

He includes you in his talks & don’t forget to treat you well even when he is around his best friends.

On the other hand, if he behaves differently in public. He hardly introduces you to his friends & try to avoid you most of the time, he’s either playing games or isn’t interested in you.



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It’s not that hard to trace if a person loves you or not & it’s even easy for you ladies because you have a gifted talent to trace feelings.

Love isn’t merely a feeling; it’s a verb and it comes across in actions.



“In fact the biggest action that indicates a man loves you is when he gives you all he can”


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