If you deal with this, I know what you’re going through. Bad breath is a real self confidence-breaker, it’s pretty awkward to even put your point in a social gathering with that bad breath!

However, the source of bad breath is most commonly from different parts of the oral cavity but what so ever the reason may be you don’t have to face it anymore.

This article covers 5 Effective Ways To Kill Bad Breath! Just perform these 5 things, and you will be on the road to a fresh smelling, healthy mouth.





#1. Quit smoking or any other tobacco products



Smokers & Tobacco users are more likely to suffer from bad breath. The reason is smoking stains your teeth and also causes severe damage to it.

Due to this there’s a increased build up of plaque and tartar on the teeth which can leave you with some dangerous oral consequences like– bad breath, stained teeth & even oral cancer!

If you use smokeless tobacco they too typically contains sand and grit which can increase your risk for tooth decay. And this teeth decay End-up giving a bad smell to your breath.

So, if you’re engaged in consuming any kind of tobacco or smoking products try escape it as often as you can! This should be your first step in avoiding bad breath.




#2. Clean your tongue thoroughly




Tongue scrapers or cleaners are slightly more effective than toothbrushes as a means of controlling halitosis (bad breath).

Not mouthwash or anything else but the best way to clean your tongue will be a plastic tongue scraper from a pharmacy.
You just have to place it as far back as you can and then gently scrape forward to clear the tongue of any coating. And down forget to clean the back of your tongue, this is a place many miss at!

After cleaning your tongue, you can also go for a mouthwash as it contains several chemicals which destroys any bacteria in your mouth. So it can give you a fresh & clean mouth.




#3. Have a deep mouth rinse after every meal



Okay, firstly avoid foods that contribute to bad breath like those high in sugar or with particularly potent flavor.

Every single components from food that you eat are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the lungs, where their residual odor then comes out of your mouth with every breath you take. That means the foods you eat will affect how your breath smells.

So avoid eating anything high in sugar or something like onion or garlic!

Now that you have avoiding foods that can lead to a bad smell, don’t forget to take a sip of water & rinse your mouth with it for at least 30 sec after every meal.

This will clear up any food particle stuck in your teeth & oral cavity. Thus you’ll get a clean mouth again.




#4. Try baking soda & bubble-gums



In a glass of water add a few teaspoons of Baking Soda & rinse your mouth with it for about a minute. Or you can also make a paste of Baking Soda by adding a little water & brush your teeth with it!

The benefit of doing this is, the bacteria that causes bad breath thrive in an acidic oral environment. Brushing your teeth with baking soda helps neutralize excess acids in your oral cavity.

Thus all the bad smell causing bacteria dies off & you beat bad breath.



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#5. Brush teeth twice a day & floss daily



Here comes the last & the most common part! Poor oral and dental hygiene is among the most common causes of halitosis, but the best part is if your bad breath are due to these than you’ll not find much difficulties dealing with it.

What you have to do then?

Simple, just follow a healthy oral routine! Brush twice a day, after you wake & before you head to bed. Also floss your teeth everyday.

Doing this for a week, you’ll see a drastic change in your breath smell & this will be beneficial for your teeth’s health too.




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