Do you believe being charismatic is all about physical characteristics?

Well, you might be wrong! While physical appearance plays a role, your thoughts and how you carry yourself are way more dominant power behind attractiveness.

Ever wondered why characters like James Bond or Catherine Tramell seems so charismatic, ya sure they are good looking but sexy more than that, their body language is the one responsible for the magic.
There are some really easy yet effective tips using which you can enhance your look in the knick of time making yourself look absolutely irresistible!




#1. Relax your jaw & face muscles



Tension in the face shows social fear and that does not make you look sexy, happy, or even pleasant and approachable!

You may have observed when you’re at a place which comes under your comfort zone, your face is all relaxed & you don’t even think of it.

But as soon as you walk into a public place your face muscles stretch, you become a tight lipped person! It’s completely normal but it does affects your looks a bit.

That’s why it’s the time to learn some simple exercises to relax your jaws & face muscles.

Whenever you feel like your jaws are feeling tight, gently bring the tip of your tongue on the highest point of your mouth roof. That’s it! Your jaws automatically open and relax.

Next control your breathing, breathe deep, feel relaxed & you’ll find your face is all relaxed too!




#2. Stand up straight




Visualize yourself as an dominant person, who feels powerful. Your posture has to express this exactly.

One big problem many face while standing still is their hands, ladies have their bags or hair to play with, but men are usually bare handed that makes it even more difficult to stand calmly.

But here are some tips-
Hands placed along body’s trunk are neutral. Placed on hips speak of readiness for action. When you place your hands across your chest, you look defensive and closed off.

Last one by the way is a precaution you should have while standing in public. Folding your arms shows you’re not much friendly & confident enough!

The best will be, keep your shoulders back, heads up & your hands on trunks!

And if you’re talking, try using your hands, not too much though. This shows you’re present in the moment & are interested in talking to the person standing next to you.





#3. Walk with your heads up




Keep your head confidently up and look straight ahead, not over or away from people, and not at their feet!

Straighten your neck and back, it’ll give you a few extra centimeters height and also show people that you’re not afraid of confrontation.

Also don’t forget to wave your hands gently while walking, this gives a clear sign to the person around that you’re quite comfortable & relaxed in your skin.

That by the way will make you a hell charismatic person which deserves some great attention!




#4. Have a smile on face




‘Ah, smiling is not difficult, I just have to streach some of my muscles that’s it!’

But there’s a way deeper logic behind it. The art of perfect smile that can make people crave for your attention is something else.

It should be a real smile not a fake one!
A genuine smile that comes from the heart, from joy and appreciation. It is authentic, radiant smile lights up your entire face, causing your eyes to brighten and sparkle. It tells people you’re happy to see them.

That’s why, you have to keep a smile on your face but something that comes from inside, imagine any incident or happy moment that can make you feel good. That way, you’ll get access to a perfect smile to be more charismatic.



Harvard On How To Live A Happy Life!





#5. Make eye contact




Shy people often have difficulty maintaining eye contact with opposite sex and people in general!

But once you get this right you can immediately separate youself from other people, and is also a great way to get an opposite sex interested in meeting you.

Eye contact is a great thing and a vital tool for improving the quality of all your face-to-face interactions with others, but it doesn’t mean that more eye contact is always better.

Keeping a 100% eye contact with a person can seem creapy! You have to do it right.

The right way will be, if you see someone, hold a deep eye contact for a few sec. then look away. After some time if he/she is still looking at you, hold it for a while again & look away.

If you’re talking, then hold it longer while they talk nodding your head, take some rest looking at their uttering lips & get back to eyes.





These were the 5 easy to follow but extremely effective tips following which you can stand apart & serve yourself as an charismatic person!




Lastly, i wanna tell you, just be yourself!

A lot of people hide their true self by putting on false persona. When you do this, you just not obstruct your true self but also create false relationships.

There’s no reason to hide your faults or pretend they don’t exist. Embrace your true qualities; no one expects you to be perfect.

Those who are true to themselves are inherently more attractive! As your self respect increases, so does your attractiveness.





“You Don’t Have To Be Born Beautiful To Be Wildly Attractive”


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