Not everybody out there gets their true love, also some who gets don’t worth it. After some time they see it as a mistake in their life, but there are those lucky few ones who not only gets their true love but also lives ever after happily.

Living with a person with whom you have been for a long while is much better than spending whole life with a stranger.

Issues are in every relationship don’t take it seriously, remember they are temporary but love is permanent.



So here are 5 signs which shows your love life is dying:




#1. An extra marital affair which you refuse to end






Affairs can happen in some good relationships too! They are less about love and more about sliding across boundaries.  It can say that there is no love life without  problems even if the partners truly love each other.

Falling in love with someone after marriage is quite common & is significantly increasing day by day! One of the many causes could be that the person has fallen out of love with the partner and has got strongly attracted to someone new. 

This sort of relationship is often extremely dangerous to your love life. The healthy bond between spouses are threatened because one or both spouses are investing time, affection, and attention to a “stranger”  which really should be spent with the spouse.

There may be a lot of affection and even love to the other person. But when such a relationship cross your healthy love life, both partners has to face separations!

#2. You believe you married the wrong person 






It’s about what you think, how you feel, and what you do in terms of your love life. No relationship or person is ever gonna be perfect,  it’s the effort of partners which decides how a relationship is gonna work! There will be ups & downs in every love lives but the one that faces it all staying together ends up being the great ones.

The problem with most of relationships today is- many don’t expect to find any poo at all in their love life!  And when they encounter stuff that stinks, they see it as a sign that they are with the wrong person.

The key to turning around a failing love life is to understand the true nature and purpose of your relationship. Rather than seeing relationship as a way to meet their needs, couples should consider love life as a training ground to help them become more versatile in it.



#3. Living separate lives







Every couples go through the occasional problems,though you live together, eat together and sleep together you’re not communicating, sharing your hopes and dreams or discussing your actual feelings.

When this becomes the norm and suddenly you feel more like a flatmates rather than soulmates, you could be in real danger of drifting apart. 

Fights for a day or few is normal but the real difficulties start when the situation drags on for weeks, months or even longer.

The solution to this is talk! Talking or vomiting your feeling is the best you can do to get over a fight. To make sure you don’t end up leading separate lives again in the future, set aside some time at the end of each day when you can sit down and talk!


#4. Tearing each other dealing with stupid issues






The problem is that no two people think the exactly same! No matter how much you have in common, fighting over remote for your favorite show or many more always exist!

When your ego feels threatened, it activates your flight or fight response. Sometimes it may be hard to get resolution on a conflict, making matters worse. 

You have to understand that conflict will inevitably occur in a close relationship. The only way of getting around it is to not share your opinion which is not healthy for your love life.

Stopping for a few deep breaths, and deciding to take a break and revisit the discussion when tensions are not as high, can be the perfect way to deal with such stupid situations.

#5. Selfishness 







You’ve made demands instead of requests. You’ve thrown tantrums when your wishes haven’t been fulfilled. You’ve ignored your spouse’s feelings and interests and insisted on having your own way. 

These are a few signs that shows you’re being selfish in your marriage!

But since none of us is perfect, you can work on yourself to be a better person in life. You can bring your behavior to your partner in a way that is gentle and kind, because while communicating it’s your behavior that makes him or her feel good or bad. 

The ultimate weapon to fight selfishness is sacrifice, and a happy love life is often predicated on two people trying to out-serve each other.


“A Successful Relationship Requires Falling In Love Many Times, Always With The Same Person”




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