Being human we all want to be loved, but the fact is we ourselves are afraid to hug our loved ones. Maybe you use words ‘i love you’ when you meet your loved ones but trust me a hug when meeting them can make a huge difference.

The easiest and most effective way to ensure that your relation is a happy one is when it includes kisses, goodbye, the hugs at the door & the hand-holding out.

Hugging your partner unleash “happy chemicals” in your body like serotonin, oxytocin, and even boosts our immune system, that’s the reason your body craves for hug.

It’s simple, it’s free and it’s something that just may keep your relationship alive. So, don’t be afraid to take full advantage of it.

Let’s have a look why hugging is so important!





#1. Hugging heals

Hugs have a tendency to increase oxytocin layers, which helps in healing loneliness, isolation, anger, frustration. Whenever you feel sad, you don’t need anything else then a simple hug from your partner, it can make you feel better instantly.


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#2. It’s a secret love

It’s a silent way of saying ‘You are important to me’. Sure, couples argue, fight but it’s obvious we fight with peoples we love. 

The urge to hug as a gesture of caring and love, it leads to a emotional attachment in your relationship and enhances the bond of care.

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#3. Makes feel important

If you ask any happy couples they will tell you that kissing and hugging always do wonders. A hug makes your loved ones realize how important they are to you. When your partner hugs you,don’t you feel awesome? 

This awesome feeling makes your bond stronger and helps your relationship last longer.


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#4. It have medical benefits too

Hugs stimulate the brain to release dopamine or the pleasure hormone which can increase energy, decrease the stress. As per a research a 10-second hug a day may fight infections, boost your immune system, ease depression and lessen fatigue.


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There’s no need of a relationship if you can’t express your love to your partner. Physical affection reinforces the feelings of intimacy & brings about greater happiness among couples.

If you think you are losing your feelings of emotional connection in the relationship. Try out hugging, holding hands, and giving back-rubs for a few days, this will start rebuilding your bonds with your partner.

It’s not only for love of your life, it could be your dad, mom, cousin or anyone you love. You can let your loved ones realize how much you care for them and you love having them around by just having a casual hug whenever you meet them.

“The Biggest Happiness In Life Is To Love & To Be Loved”



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