Are you going good with your diet? As per science a diet that balances carbohydrates, protein and fat in a ratio 45-60 percent carbs to 10-25 percent protein to 25-35 fat is said to be a health proper diet.

Anything that’s more or less than it is not a proper diet!

Food not only plays role in making you healthy but it also has a key role in affecting our emotional and physical states, so eating well should be a top priority in your day. 

Your everyday routine can make it difficult to recognize the small changes that occurs in your body.

This small changes after a time becomes huge, most of the time body defends it but sometimes some symptom appears which can be an attempt to indicate that something is not right with the body.

Today we will have a quick look at some of them which indicates your body is not getting the right diet. So, let’s begin…




#1. Bad Breath:

90% of bad breath problems comes from proteins broken down in your mouth. The mouth-body connection is such that bad breath smells can tell you about problems elsewhere in your body. 

When our body doesn’t have sufficient glucose for energy, it burns stored fat which results in building up of acids Known as ketones.

Having bad breathe is a direct sign you are having scarcity of carbohydrate. So, now you know a great way to deal with bad breathe.

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#2. Thinning hair:

To all my bros out there i want to tell you if you’re dealing with hair thinning, the first thing you should do is to look after your diet.

There is no benefit of using any sort of hair product to regain your hair until you provide your hair roots proper nutrients by the help of a good diet than go for a hair product or treatment. 

Lack of iron may lead to thinning of hair. Add green leafy vegetables to your diet to provide them proper nutrients & protein.

You know what, your body has no sense of fashion so the protein that you eat is first provided to the most vital organs than other non-important parts which includes your hair.

I think now you get why i said first you should have a look on your diet instead of using hair products. 

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#3. Bad skin:

It’s not enough to put moisturizer on your skin — you need to eat essential fatty acids and mono- and polyunsaturated fats to keep your cells and skin healthy & happy. 

A poor diet could lead to pimples & acne. White patches on the skin could possibly be due to the deficiency of calcium in the body.

In order to obtain a flawless glowing skin, consume a variety of fruits and vegetables at  least 5+ servings per day. This will fulfill all the essential requirement of your skin thus will end up providing you a skin to die for.

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If you load your diet with healthy  foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts etc. Its goodness will keep your diet at its best & will prevent you from harmful diseases. So, always be on track to meet your health and fitness goals. Remember,

“Focus on the quality of food, not the quantity of food”





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