Coloring your hair can be fun, but only if it don’t harm your hair. Store-bought hair dyes are packed with chemicals that harm your hair in many ways. Excessive use of it also weakens hair and causes hair loss.

But what if you can do it at home with basic kitchen stuffs. It can save your hair, money & time. isn’t it?

Another problem with hair dyes is the substance present in it which helps color your hair is hydrogen peroxide which is mixed with ammonia, this combination creates dangerous new chemicals that may increase the risk of hair damage & even may cause cancer.

Luckily, there are some many natural dyeing substances which you can easily get in your kitchen. 

They can feed you hair and scalp with vital minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that will leave your hair gorgeous and fresh. Also it don’t cause any harm to them.

Here are the best ways to color your hair naturally with things commonly available in our kitchens.

#1. Red wine

You can have a fabulous dark red hair look without having to go to the hair salon, you can do it on your own. Pour some red wine on damp hair. Put a shower cap & leave for 10 min, then rinse with shampoo.

You will see the magic on your hair in no time. Apart from it’s benefit to our body, red wine have many benefits on hair too. The bio-flavonoids in red wine help in keratin growth.

It serves as a good conditioner but also helps treat many hair problems. If your hair dry and frizzy, red wine can help combat this problem as well.





#2. Carrot And Beet Juice

Apply the carrot-beet juice onto your hair and then head out into the sun for a few hour. If you don’t want to go out, use a hot blow dryer  to add heat. After an hour, wash the beet juice out with shampoo.

Finish with conditioner. While this treatment might not show any visible results the first time, your hair will take on red undertones after you’ve used it a couple of times.

Depending on your natural hair color, beet juice can give your hair a reddish or purple hue. You can darken the color by regularly washing your hair with a beet juice and shampoo mixture.




#3. Black tea

Black tea is suitable for darkening gray or blonde hair. Add 4 tea bags to 2 cups of boiled water & soak for 20 min. Simply use it as post shampoo rinse & leave it for 30 min, then rinse with shampoo. 

I suggest doing it in the shower or over a bathtub because it can make quite a mess. The longer you leave the tea on the hair, the more noticeable the color will be. If you want faster and more permanent results, you can use Henna Hair Color. 

One thing i want to tell you is all hair are different and may take longer to soak up color or maybe no time at all. Some colors of hair react differently to different colors.

So, with any of these hair colors, make sure to test on a small part of your hair first, especially with color treated hair and especially with the henna colors as they have more lasting effects. 

Try this few tricks. Who knows? You might like these treatments enough to make a complete switch from chemical to herbal.




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