When you arrive at a meal feeling famished, you’re much more likely to overdo it. Overeating is one of the biggest & fastest reason for weight gain!
If you ask any dietitian, they’ll tell you just a few adjustments can make the all the difference in your weight-loss efforts & a major role will be of avoiding overeating.

It is all in the mind, you just have to train it into eating exactly the amount that is required for healthy sustainability.

All you need to do is to follow some super easy, yet effective tricks to stop overeating, below are some of the best ways using which you will never have to torture your tummy ever again.





#1. Focus while eating



If you’re surrounded by distraction and end up eating at your desk watching TV, or catching up with things on our phones then you’re doing nothing but reducing the taste of your food and making poor eating choices.
By practicing mindful eating, you will enjoy your food more and you’ll be able to exercise better control over what types of food you choose and how much you eat.





#2. Avoid eating fast




It takes time for the signal from your stomach to get to your brain that you’ve just eaten. Without that signal, we’re inclined to keep eating until we are full and then end up stuffed.

That’s the reason why when you eat fast, you end up eating too much because when your brain is getting signal you’ve eaten just a bit you already have gone past your stomach capacity.

So, don’t be in a rush, instead slow down, put your fork down between bites. Try to stretch your meal to be a full 20 minutes, and stop eating when you’re medium-full.




#3. Chew slowly not fast




This will help you with the second point, chewing food slowly will satisfy your taste buds & will also help in a better digestion. Also, it will signal your brain about a full stomach quite quickly.

By chewing slowly you’ll consume more time for your meal & since your brain has a particular amount of time set for a meal after which we feel full. So, it will help you avoid overeating.




#4. Use smaller dishes & spoon




Large plates make individuals serve and consume more food because portions appear smaller whereas in a small plate even a small portion seems large!

This is a proven solution to the problem of overeating where we can take advantage of this visual “trick” by manipulating the dinnerware we use to serve various foods.

Healthy foods such as fresh vegetables should be served in larger plates to encourage consumption, while less healthy foods should be served from smaller plates to trick our sweet tooth into feeling satisfied with less.

Same lies with the spoon, believe it or not but the no. of spoons you’ll consume is fixed in your brain. So if you eat with a large one, you’ll end up eating a lot while with a small one, you’ll eat compatible less.





#5. Drink more water



Not in between meal or just before or after it, it is advisable to drink water a 30 min before or after meal! Drinking water during meal & before or after will affect your digestion process.

30 min gap is totally fine, just grab a glass of water before the meal to fill up some extra space of your stomach. This will help you end up eating less with an improved digestion.


Most Dangerous Time To Drink Water!




Self-regulating means not living at extremes and generally avoiding overdoing or underdoing. This includes giving up all-or-nothing thinking and behavioral patterns.

Following these 5 tips you’ll be able to get a control over your appetite which will thus help you lose weight or attaining a certain bodyweight.






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