Going on the very first date with your sexy senorita, what’s the feeling?

Nervous! Well, everyone is, especially for the first time but there’s a first date excitement too.
You see, most guys have zero idea about what to do on a first date. They don’t know where to go, what to say, how to act. But trust me there’s nothing much to worry about in fact you you master this 13 things listed below, you can end-up getting your girl begging for the next date!

If you wanna score big & make her find you interesting and totally irresistible, you have to be a real charmer!

And to help you out on this, here are 13 easy to follow tips for winning your first date like a pro.




#1. Greet her with a smile




#2. Dress the part




#3. The smell can work wonders




#4. Always make eye contact




#5. Don’t try to impress her, just be yourself


#6. Keep the conversation positive



#7. Beat uncomfortable silence by asking open questions



#8. Avoid asking idiotic questions like her past relationships


#9. Talk kindly to everyone, even to a troublesome waiter!



#10. Relax like you’re with any of your friend


#11. Try to create humor


#12. Don’t let her pay, because a man always pays for him {Unless she’s a self-dependent lady}!



#13. See her off by giving a gentle hug or a kiss on hand!




For some guys, being a great date comes naturally. But even if you’re not a natural charmer, following these first date tips you can woo any girl you want!



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