How to live a happy life? We all struggle to realize freedom from stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. However only a few digs deep enough to visualize what it’s all concerning. Everything changes, everything is impermanent.

And whenever we have a tendency to hope to seek out any lasting happiness by suggests that of one thing that’s dynamic, suffering results. Therefore if we have a tendency to might be discharged from our identification with associated attachment to the impermanent, we’d be free from suffering and sleep in everlasting joy.

Here are 10 Simple Steps On How To Live a Happy Life:




#1. Spend your time with Supportive People like family and friends




#2. Morning walk for a happy life




#3.  Eat hygienic food




#4. Practice Gratitude




#5. Listen to your favorite music




#6.  Sleep well




#7. Smile More



#8. Embrace Your Mistakes





#9. Unplug & Spend More time in Nature





#10. And lastly, Look in the mirror every morning and say “I Love you!”





“A reasonable life can be achieved by anyone. An OK life, an OK job, OK relationships, anyone can have these. If you want a great life, you must commit to leading a great life. To do things the majority do not do. Commit to thinking like the minority, not like the majority.”




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