Any Love life can be an unhealthy one. Bad relationships aren’t just limited to marriages or partnerships—they can occur while dating, in friendships, or families. Any relationship that is harmful or destructive to your physical, mental, or emotional well-being is an unhealthy one.

The signs that can spoil your love life are:






Sleeping back to back leads to intimacy suffer and can be a barrier to spontaneous intimacy



Hogging most of the duvet also signifies selfishness



Fights over temperature of the room can also be a spoiler



Too much space between partners can be a sign of far bigger chasms 



So, if you think you’re struggling with any kind of emotional issue (or your partner is), I’d really love you to get the help you need to overcome those difficulties right now. You can find tonnes of info right here on my site to get you on the right track.



“All Relationships Go Through Hell, Real Relationships Get Through It”





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